Campaign Values


I believe that your local elected officials are the most important positions that you vote for. Your local elected officials make the most change in your every day life. They should be available to you in person, by phone and by email. They should be out in the community educating the public on the bills that they are voting for and against and how this directly impacts the community. They should be holding frequent listening sessions to really get an idea of what the community is concerned about. These are all things I believe passionately about and will work my hardest to do when I am elected.


As a Physician Assistant I believe strongly in the value of healthcare. For too many people, healthcare is a privilege and not a right and we have to start working to change this. We need to better legislation around healthcare transparency. There should be more focus on people being able to know what procedures will cost before they do them, instead of being surprised by a bill. We need to start looking at more prescription drug price caps. There are many life saving medicines that people are simply unable to afford. These are all things I know we can accomplish at the state level.


I have two young girls, ages 4 and 7, so education is an upmost priority to me. My oldest attends our local public elementary school and I can see everyday the struggles that our public schools are facing. Public schools in Colorado are underfunded, we have schools with leaking roofs and HVAC units that need to be repaired and we can’t afford to do it. Our teachers are severely underpaid and students need more access to counselors and smaller class sizes so that they can really succeed and thrive at school. At a state level, I want to work to increase funding to our public schools.

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